COVID-19 and your Treatment

We know that the current pandemic is causing many people additional stress and anxiety. The team at Bellwood continues to work with local Public Health Departments and follow best practices for infection control to keep our patients safe from coronavirus.

Leading Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorders

Our science-backed program includes:

Our Program Can Give You Back Control Of Your Life.

Get leading mental health care treatment in a calm, healing environment.

With the right mental health treatment, people can:

Thrive in social settings
Make, and keep, their plans
Perform their best at work
Improve family relationships
Excel in school
Sleep better, boost energy

Here is Why Our Patients Succeed

We offer the combined benefits of stellar medical care with research-based counselling methods and a personal approach.

Small Group Size

Our patients get personalized treatment

7-week Residential Program

An immersive healing experience

Mind-Body Medicine

We treat the whole person

Immediate Access

Get help sooner, don’t wait a year for a psychiatry referral.

Family Program

Mental health affects everyone. Heal the whole family.

Is MAP the Right Program for You?

The ehn Mood and Anxiety Program (MAP) can help you if you meet the following criteria:

If you fit these criteria, give us a call.

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We’re Not Going To Be Shy About It. We Save Lives Here.

Read What Past Patients Have To Say

“MAP not only saved my life, but gave me skills to continue on my recovery journey for aftercare. The 6 weeks I spent at MAP were the best 6 weeks I have ever encountered. Especially after 19 years of sobriety and 12 other programs within Canada and the US as well. Between the staff and the programs I would actually feel comfortable enough to say I am truly grateful this program existed. I had tried everything. They even tried to tell me I was treatment resistant after many specialists and doctors who were supposed to be the best in their fields. MAP gave me my life back. Between the therapy they teach and the staff caring, kind hearted experience I felt like I was blessed to have this experience and would recommend it to absolutely everything and anyone who had and has the chance to attend there. I suffered for 4 years with suicidal ideation and I am proud to say I have not had those thoughts since 3 weeks into the program. Instead I look forward to waking up everyday and seeing what life will bring and offer me today. MAP is a special place and program and so is the community at Bellwood. It’s filled with people who care. The staff, the nurses, the primary counsellors and support counsellors. It’s a place that will save many lives and I know it after the experiences I have had in the last 21 years of my life. It’s a beautiful thing Bellwood came out with this program and I look forward to seeing so many more lives saved.”

“I was at Bellwood for the MAP (Mood and Anxiety Program) September 2019 and the 7 weeks I spent there really did change my life. I had already worked on my addiction 2 years ago, but mental health continuously knocked me down. Although going into Bellwood clean, I wasn’t happy with my life, and just had a serious suicide attempt. With the MAP lead, my DBT counsellor, the psychiatrist & fellow clients, I am finally living the life a 23 year old girl should be living- happy.”

“We discovered the Mood and Anxiety Program at Bellwood for our 19 year old daughter on the day it was launched. We were hesitant to try a brand-new program, but at that point we had already tried, and failed, everything else. We had reached an unbearable low, and were desperate to get the right help and support for our daughter who had suffered from debilitating depression and anxiety for several years. As I write this, we are several months post-graduation from the program. I say without hesitation or hyperbole that Bellwood saved her life, and our family. The level of care, compassion and dedication from the therapists is unparalleled. Our daughter’s team, her village, included us (with her permission) throughout her treatment program. Bellwood provided a safe place for our daughter to heal, while developing strategies that she would be able to rely upon once treatment was done. They also provided comprehensive aftercare. We are those people who had tried everything, and had given up hope. We are no longer those people. We can’t say enough about this incredible place.”

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